GOOD TAKE FILMS - from concept to screen

Web/TV Series …

  • Web/TV Series “Disorganized Zone” Trailer (Produced, written, directed by Cyndi Seidler and Judy Norton)
  • Web Series “Smart Retail“, 24 episodes. This is trailer (A production of One Step Retail Solutions. Produced, directed, scripted and videography by Cyndi Seidler)
  • Web Series “Cooking With Berklee” Trailer (Produced & directed by Cyndi Seidler)

Short Films

  • A Boy In Hollywood (Produced, directed, written by Cyndi Seidler)
  • JJ and Bardot, A Horse Riders Love Story (Produced & directed by Cyndi Seidler)



Corporate & Promo Videos

  • Web promo for FFI Inc. on How to Use The LifeStraw
  • Book trailer for author K.D. Holly on book “A Crowd of Stars
  • 6 Corporate videos “Carabella Cosmetics & Skin Care
  • Corporate video – One Step Retail Solutions (Produced, directed, scripted, and camera by Cyndi Seidler)
  • Product video “Retail Pro” (A Retail Pro Production in association with Prime Cut Productions. Produced, directed, and co-written by Cyndi Seidler)
  • Interview video “Interview with Scott Kreisberg” (A production of Prime Cut Productions. Produced, directed, scripted by Cyndi) Seidler)
  • Book trailer for author Jim Harlan on book “Drifting On A Headwind
  • Book trailer for author Dave Pastrana on book “Divorce Stress Syndrome

DVD Shows

DVD Series Pilot “Get Organized with Cyndi Seidler“, 43 min. full show. (A Soorya Arts production in association with Organized Living Productions. Produced, directed and hosted by Cyndi Seidler. 

Music Videos

Music Video “Don’t Say” by Harriet Schock

Web Commercials

  • Commercial for HandyGirl “April Fools Prank”
  • Commercial for HandyGirl “Happy Mothers Day”
  • Commercial for HandyGirl “The Easter Egg”

Live Events

  • MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation
  • LaughWorks
  • Celebrity Center International events